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Outland Agricultural & Tractor Tyres

Outland Group (Department of BWT – Brocks Wheel & Tyre) has been supplying agricultural tyres for over 50 years and have built up an enviable reputation with farmers throughout the UK.

With a wide selection and choice of tyres in stock for every agricultural application, Outland Group aims to be the number 1 choice for farmers and users of agricultural equipment.

With super-fast delivery and a trusted network of fitters, we’re confident we can exceed your expectations. Outland Group can also work with your current fitter if preferred.

Tractor Tyres

Buying new agricultural tyres for your tractor can prove to be a confusing experience, but it doesn’t have to be! At Outland Group Ltd., we are ready to help you find the perfect tyres for tractors across the United Kingdom and beyond. We have been supplying the United Kingdom with agricultural tyres for over 50 years and we’re proud to announce we now serve internationally. We strive to be the number one choice for farmers and anyone who is need of agricultural equipment. There are many things to consider when picking out tractor tyres like what type of tractor you have, be it a 2, 3 or 4 wheel drive. Furthermore, it is important to know what kind of load capacity you’re looking for. Whichever tractor tyres you are looking for, we can help out! We offer a wide selection of new and part-worn agricultural tyres to suit our clients’ needs, so let us help you figure out which tyre would be the best fit for you!

How to determine what size tractor tyres you need

Every agricultural tractor has a different tyre size. In order to find out what tyre size you require, look at the sidewall of the tyres and copy down the indicated number. A tyres’ tractor size will look similar to this if it is imperial: 18.4R50 or like this if it is metric: 480/80R50. Whether the number is written using the metric or imperial system does not matter as the size is the same regardless, so both measurements will be displayed on our site.

Every detail you need to know about your agricultural tyres’ size is in that number. The last number in both examples, 50, is the diameter of the hole in the centre of the tyres, known as the rim size, in inches. The first number, 18.4 inches or 480mm, is the section width size of the tyre. To find out if you have a radial construction or a cross-ply construction tyre, you need to see if your number has an ‘R’ or a ‘-‘. In the example of 18.4R50 and 480/80R50, we have an ‘R’, so our tyre is of radial construction. If your number has a ‘-‘ like the size 16.4-50, that means you have a cross-ply construction tyre.

The most important thing to note is that if you want the same tyre sizes, you can easily use these numbers to search for any sized tractor tyres online on our website. If you’re still confused about what tractor tyres would be best for you, we can help you in making a decision! Call us with the number from your old tyre’s sidewall so that we can help you choose the best tyre for you and your farm.

Choosing between radial and cross-ply tyres

Cross-ply tyres were the first type of tyres ever used as they were invented in 1888. They are called cross-ply because the tyre is made of nylon cords that are layered across each other at a 45-degree angle, then encased in a rubber shell. The thick layer of rubber and cords makes the tyres rigid. This, in turn, makes the sidewall strong and more resilient to sidewall damage than radial tyres. They are also initially cheaper than radial tyres.

Radial tyres, on the other hand, have been around since 1948 and invented by Michelin. They are made of steel cords rather than nylon, which makes them strong and flexible. The flexibility allows the tyres to absorb shocks and bumps better than Crossply tyres. Though they are more expensive, they offer a more comfortable ride which means the user can work longer. Ultimately which type of tyre you choose is up to you, but radial tyres tend to be the most common tyres agricultural situations call for.

What brands we offer

We also offer a variety of tractor tyre brands online to suit anyone’s needs and budget. We have budget-friendly brands like Linglong Tyre and Atlas Tyres that Outland Group Ltd. has been exclusively distributing in the UK for over five years. They have also been around since 1975, so even though they are a budget brand, their quality is still excellent and reliable. If you do want something more mid-range, however, we have Maxam tyres. Maxam tyres are a global brand with a strong reputation for market-leading quality, reliability and delivered value. Lastly, if you want premium tyres, we have Bridgestone tyres on offer as well. Bridgestone has been the front-running brand for tyres for decades. As of today, they cover 95% of the market demand for tractor tyres. All the brands we carry have something unique to offer and we can vouch for their quality. If you need help deciding what brand best suits your agricultural tyres’ needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to us!

Part worn agricultural tyres

We stock a wide selection of part worn tyres suitable for all kinds of agricultural machinery. Part worn tyres are a great way of saving money in a whole host of situations. For example, when it comes to changing unevenly worn or damaged tyres on a machine.

We have large stocks of part worn tyres available in a whole host of sizes, conditions, and levels of wear. If you would like to find out more about our part-worn tyres, please get in contact and we would be happy to run through current stocks.

We would also be happy to provide a trade in price on any part worn tyres you might have. To get a price simply pop us a call on 01223 640780 or email us the details and any pictures to


The benefit of buying tyres online

Though buying something as big as tyres online may seem strange, it is much more efficient. Since farmers typically only need to buy tyres to replace their old ones, they will already know what sized tyres they need. Searching for the tyres on our site is easy once you find your number on the tyres’ sidewall. All that is left then is the delivery! Buying your tyres online saves you the hassle of transporting the tyre yourself! Our super-fast delivery service will ensure that your tyre arrives safely and quickly right at your doorstep.

If you have never changed the tyres on your agricultural tractor before, don’t worry! We have our own, trusted network of fitters on the standby to help you. Our trusted fitters will come straight to you and fit your farm tyres for you right away. If you have worked with a fitter before, we can also work with them instead, if you so prefer.

How to contact us

We love to provide the best customer satisfaction possible, so if you need any more information or if you are still confused about all the different types of tyres, contact us so our seasoned staff can help you out. You can call us on 01223 640780 or email us any questions at We are always available to answer whatever questions you may have!