950mm High Screen Panels (c/w 250mm Service Hatch)

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Ideal for use in a host of commercial situations including hospitals, retail counters, workshops, factories, reception areas, packing benches, production lines and workstations, – in fact anywhere that social distancing is difficult to maintain.

This hygienic, robust and versatile screen system presents an unparalleled solution to assist organisations with the challenge of protecting staff and clients while conforming to new government regulations set out in response to the Covid 19 pandemic.

Our screens are manufactured using high quality, shatterproof, 3mm acrylic. This provides an excellent level of visual clarity, makes them easy to clean and also 100% recyclable. The sturdy metal support legs come powder coated as standard and are cleverly designed in the following 5 configurations:

  • Stop end (left and right)
  • Centre (straight connector)
  • Corner (L profile)
  • 3 Way (T profile)
  • 4 Way (+ profile)
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Utilizing this incredibly simple yet wonderfully clever support leg system coupled with an extensive selection of screen size options, a virtually unlimited realm of configuration options becomes shockingly simple. Whether you want to create a single screen, a continuous run, curves, T shapes, L shapes, H shapes, E shapes, pods, cubicles or any combination of shapes you can imagine…. You can even link floor and surface mounted screens together to form seamless divisions between workspaces.

Combined with the option to have a ‘service hatch’ in any screen to accommodate logistical requirements, it really is as versatile as it sounds!

And in case you are wondering if installation is the sting in the tail, the answer is: NO. It’s quick and easy to assemble, fit and remove with just a hex key, screwdriver and spanner!


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950mm High Screen Panels (c/w 250mm Service Hatch)

500mm Wide, 550mm Wide, 600mm Wide, 650mm Wide, 700mm Wide, 750mm Wide, 800mm Wide, 850mm Wide, 900mm Wide, 950mm Wide, 1000mm Wide, 1050mm Wide, 1100mm Wide, 1150mm Wide, 12000mm Wide


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