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Outland Tracks

  • One-piece vulcanised mould similar to modern-day agricultural tyres as apposed to older bonding technology.
  • 6.4mm internal steel cable diameter. The strongest on the market!
  • Curved outer tread bars to increase traction and reduce vibration.
  • Supple rubber-like premium tyres to increase traction
  • Large quantity of internal guide lugs for ease of turning round idler wheels.
  • 70mm* high tread bar for maximum longevity
  • Very large product range

*for Friction drive. Positive drive tracks are 60mm height.

AV Range

Designed for crawlers working predominately on the road or hard dry ground, reducing vibration as they have more lugs and increase the longevity.

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HT Range

Designed for crawlers working predominately in the field and offer superior traction and cleaning in wet conditions or for heavy pulling.

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