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Bridgestone Tracks

AG Rubber Track for High Horse-Power Tracked Tractors

Technological advancements, ingenuity and vast experience drive Bridgestone to design and develop the best AG Rubber Track choice for your tractor.

Bridgestone’s commitment to quality is unsurpassed. We develop and produce the raw materials which are used in our Rubber Tracks, ensuring only the highest quality product reaches our customers.

  • Rubber high-quality durable rubber compound
  • Tread double angle tread bars combine comfort & traction
  • Seamless one-piece vulcanisation of track, tread & guide-lugs
  • Cable package high tensile internal cable & ply

The cable package construction has been re-engineered through extensive research to optimize performance. This improved cable/ply package helps to minimize uneven load distribution, reducing wear and damage to the inner surface of the rubber track.

The optimized ply layer design reduces the internal stress of the main cables to assure performance throughout the service life of the rubber track.

the high-performance steel cable is designed to meet the demands of modern high horsepower farm equipment. A precise balance of tensile strength and flexibility allows for exceptional durability.

Corrosion-resistant technologies have been improved even further and are available on EDS series products.

With these Bridgestone tracks, the tread bars and main carcass are vulcanized as one-piece with a seamless molded radius. By using this process the tread bars remain secure on the rubber track. Our new rubber compound provides a 29% improvement in wear resistance and a 39% improvement in cut resistance (HDS/HDD series).

The rubber compound formulated for the roller path area of the rubber track on the inner surface also provides superior cut resistance.