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Oct 13

The Evolution of Outland

At Outland, our ethos has always been centred around family orientated farming. After all, that’s where it all began back in 1911, when Sidney Brock started farming at our Woodhams Farm base in Essex. As we continue to grow, we are proud to keep family farming at our core. Our... read more →
Sep 16

Cross-ply vs radial tractor tyres – which is best for you?

If you are looking to buy tractor tyres, or tyres for your farm trailers, ATV’s or RTV’s, then understanding the difference between cross-ply and radial tyres is advantageous. Or, more importantly, understanding the relative performance pros and cons for your specific farming application. The first pneumatic tyre was produced and... read more →
Aug 31

Clean Air Farming Event

Net Zero farming goals may be in reach sooner than you think… Clean air vehicles including the world’s first methane tractor, the UK’s first electric 4x4 off road vehicle and an electric telehandler will be on demonstration at the Farming for Clean Air event at Cambridge University’s Park Farm, Madingley... read more →
Dec 18

Results justify continuing investment in tracks.

Cambridgeshire Farms Growers Ltd was an early adopter of rubber tracks for machinery used on 4,500ha it farms in Cambridgeshire. Investment has continued as technology has improved and David Williams visited the farm to find out why tracks continue to replace wheels whenever possible. The farm operation includes 3 main... read more →
May 22

Mental Health and the Benefits of Outdoor Work

During the Covid-19 pandemic, farmers across the world are having difficult times. This pandemic leaves them facing manpower shortages and severely disrupted supply chains. But even if it is sometimes a difficult occupation without 30 days of vacation or free working hours, it is more than a job. It has... read more →
May 14

Farming Post-COVID19

Agriculture has a major role in economic development, broadly in terms of contributions like products, markets, factors and foreign exchange. The product indicates the supply of goods like foods and several raw materials for the industrial sector while absorbing labour. This is the most critical contribution. Also, the foreign exchange... read more →